Need Help Inputting Links with no html or bb code enabled.

Discussion in 'Visual Basic .NET' started by dragonrage01, Nov 18, 2012.

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    Need Help Inputting Links with no html or bb code enabled.

    Some websites do not have html or bb code enabled on their profile editing page. However, a user can highlight a word then click on the insert link button (which looks like a glove with infinity symbol) to insert a link. The user can also just copy and paste a link.
    In short, the website has a wysiwyg html editor.

    My problem is that how can I add links to this wysiwyg html editor?
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    If it does not accept HTML AND BBCODE then you first need to find out which wysiwyg its being used then you can google it and look which ways on their documents allows you to place a link.

    Without knowing which editor is being used is just wildy guessing possibilities, for example, use dreamweaver or word or similar program that will hyperlink a link when you type it in and copy/paste it to the given editor since u mentioned that copying/pasting works.