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    Someone has asked me to get rid of the negative comments that crop up when you search their name. These are mainly newspaper articles from papers like The Daily Mail and The Mirror (Daily Mail article is #1 for their name. In other related searches I have so far found a Mirror article as well. There are probably a couple of others that I have not seen yet in other related searches). The articles don?t have any links but they obviously come from sites with very good domain authority. The person is known publicly but not what I would call famous so there is little competition for their name other than the articles mentioned.

    They have already checked with solicitors about getting it removed and they can't.

    I have a lot of experience with SEO but I have no experience in actual online reputation management. Although this is simply a variation of SEO, I don?t want to take on the job unless I know I can deliver so I am looking for someone with a fair bit of experience with this to draw up a strategy for me that will definitely work. I have already been talking to someone on this forum about doing this but they haven't got back to me with a signed NDA and its been a few days now so I am beginning to wonder if they are going to and i am running out of time.

    Please PM if you can help and we can get an NDA signed so that i can give you the full details so that you can draw up a quote.
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    I am uk based webdesigner / seo, i think can help with this in a white hat way - i dont work with black hat stuff but happy to give you some ideas / help.