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    Hi Guys,

    I started a new (real world) business in the Ammo market.
    I'm selling Once Fired Brass Cases to the reloading community.

    Currently there is a Huge shortage in Ammo in the USA.
    The last run on Ammo and Gun started in Nov 2012 and is still going (yes Nov of last year).

    My business is recovering and "refurbishing" the once fired cases and prepare them in different stages of readiness to be reloaded at home. This is a business with Huge potential and best part is people who buy these brass cases are using them (i.e Shooting) and will need to buy more sooner or later.

    This is Brass only without Powder or Primers and there is no FFL license needed to sell it within the USA only!
    (No imports or Exports allowed).

    Online marketing and SEO are no stranger to me.
    While i can do it all myself I rather spend my time on growing the business in the physical world getting more equipment employees and move more volume.

    I setup a website for the brass over the weekend (work still in progress) and now need to bring traffic into it.
    I am willing to offer commission on the sales made in the website or any other idea that would make business sense.

    Average Ticket is about $100. Min Ticket is $25 with many sales going in the +$200's. Highest ticket i have seen from one person was $487.

    If you are looking for PPC this is not the place.
    If you are looking for dozens of dollars per transaction (flat fee) this is not the place either.

    If you are looking for reasonable commission for the long run in a business that would only increase with current Gov Anti-Guns policies with many returning customers this is the place.

    I have no problem working with few Affiliates or just one who know what he is doing and is willing to take the burden of "Running the show" (website wise) for a nice steady income.

    I am producing and shipping Real World hard (shiny) brass .
    Prices are good and made to move product in volume instead of making a "killing" in every sale.
    The key is getting as many customers to buy and have them return for more.

    I can show to the serious marketers my Feedback (No it is not allowed on eBay) in few sites so you can know what service level and customer satisfaction I'm offering and preforming.

    Please contact with any questions.
    I will ask for Ref so don't be shy about how good you are.