Need help in gaining sellers for marketplace website

Discussion in 'Membership Sites' started by dragonme, Jun 12, 2017.

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    I started a SEO marketplace website ( fiverr model ) and now I need help in getting sellers in registering and creating jobs.

    I thought of creating a promotion on giving $10 for every seller who registers and creates atleast 2 jobs but the problem with this system is that it is easy to abuse.

    For gaining buyer , I thought of running an referral contest with 1000$ prize amount in the month of July.
    But this will be only effective only if I have enough sellers already registered in my website.

    Please give me a method to gain sellers.
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    I have idea for you. Spam sellers (who have VIP/adverd thread) on another boards and offer them 10%-20% discount on their advert thread if they include your website in "Reviews section". (in this key they create job on your website first)
    Or 50% off if they set up your website like a MAIN thread of their sell.

    also include option BEST seller on your website can get free VIP. His job will be on 1st place.
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