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Aug 19, 2009
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Hello. I've read a lot of post on BHW and decided to try CPA business, because I really need big amount of money (~2000$) till Christmas.

I don't have any investment;
I don't have any website;
I'm from Europe;
I'm not good at English speaking.

Is it possible to get into some paying CPA networks? I would be very grateful for your help.

There are some great stickies at the top of the CPA forum and if you haven't checked them out, you should defo do that.

If you haven't applied for a network yet, then get on and do that it's the only way to make the $. And so many people say that you don't actually need a website to apply, so apply.
You need to do a little more searching cause there are posts that tell you how to set up a quickie website and how to get approved in CPA networks, even if you don't have a website. Its all there for you my friend but you need to dig in for yourself.
I'm understand it. What CPA network do you prefer? I'm accepted into Affiliat.eer but I've heard that they don't pay. I'm confused...
1) You can find hosting as low as $10.00 per month. You can get a lot of wordpress templates here for free. If you know HTML you are good to go. Otherwise,hire a freelancer from, very cheap say $20 to build your site. Second option is to build a blog at for no cost to start.

2) For niche- All time Health,Travel,Finance Niches are profitable.You can open any of these and for articles or go to associated content or there are thousands of article directories find a gud one take articles from and get a gud spinner.

3) Ascend media has a gud rating and dont need even phone call to join. There are lot others like Hydra,Copeac(Note:These comapnies need a phone call but I dont think it is terrible). Search in the form for CPA partnership and companies. There are four or five reputed people here who will not mess your accounts and have gud rating. Select them carefully and you will get 30% just for sharing your account.

4) Immediate cash is from craiglist. There are lot of threads for it. Do everything for yourself (do not hire) to save money and earn fast.

You can have the money you wanted within Chiristmas. All the best.
Proxy is needed if u plan to make use of CL since u r from EU. Try yahoo answer or some method similar to this. youtube facebook and twitter rocks as well.
You need to setup a professional website using WordPress,then sign up several affiliate networks,such as Copeac,NeverBlueAds,and start promote offers via ppc,seo,email marketing.hope these words can help me.good luck!
Like everyone else has said, you do not always need a website to get into a CPA Network. However, your next question should be - How are you going to promote the offers? PPC? Well, that requires investment. However, as mentioned in some other thread, you can just sign up for Google Adwords and not use it for a week. They themselves will send you a 100 USD coupon to use it as a trial. Good Luck!

I would recommend any newbie to start with reputed and trustworthy CPA networks. I mean stay away from the ones which are less popular or new in the Market. Check out Offer Vault site which has a list of decent, reliable affiliates.
You don't need your own website to get in CPA network though. Just search Google on topics like money making, health, or dating. You'll find ton of blogs on these topics, scroll to page 5 or so and pick one of them as your site for CPA, preferably with only adsense or small amount of ads banner or none.

Getting in CPA network certainly is not a problem for you but the real problem is that making $2,000 before Christmas. If you need to make money quick you need at least some small amount of cash, in case you don't have one then you have to do the manual work yourself which is time consuming.

For Craigslist posting. I think it's a little bit harder for non-US to post (without investment) as you need some proxies which cost you some amount of cash. Not just cash that you need, there is also a learning curve to that.

Also, you should save up some bucks in real world,something like $100, because it will make your IM life a lot easier.
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