[need help!]how to edit our site online/offline from hosting

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    Mar 2, 2012
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    so i have been trying to delete an image and upload a new one instead of it. But when i upload my new image and then open my website the image doesn't show up... i have been tryin this for a few days and nothing is working for me
    as i also want to update the advertising banners frequently but i am afraid that the result will be the same

    please mates help me here i have tried uploading a new image and deleted the old one 7-8 times in the same folder(mysite.com/images/ban1.png) but no luck :(
    do i have to edit something in the index.php file as i think just replacing a new image with another doesn't have to do anything with the index.php

    please help me friends....i have been trying this for a few days now and this is my first ever website but i am not a super n00b to these things, i am just doing this for first time

    here's the screenshot of the error

    any help will be highly appreciated
    Thanks in advance