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Nov 7, 2008
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Hello Black Hatters -

Been going and reading posts here for months and learn tricks here and there. So, I thought this is the best place to ask help rather than going to DP. To cut the story short, I need someone who can give me lots of quality and authority backlinks. I dont care if it's blog, blog commenting, forum, reviews, anything as long as I can get fair amount of backlinks that will pull my SERP again back in the in the first page #1-3 on Google. The site used to be constantly on #1 in most of keywords/keyphrases but after the website revamp the ranking is going downhill. I've been doing the same thing as I used to maintain the rank before the redesign, and now it's hardly working as much anymore. Most of our sales are coming from organic traffic coming from Google (for the most part) and Yahoo as a supplement. Now the sales is going downhill too. Site is a wholesale clothing niche.

I don't expect it for free. I am willing to pay as long as it's reasonable. Please help a brother out...Please pm me if you can do something for me.

Thanks in advance.
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