Need help...getting cpa network complaint

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    Yesterday is my first time i get email from my AM telling me to pull down one of the dating cpa offer that i already been running more than 4 month without any problem because he say he get complaint from advertiser.

    But in between this 4 month, the leads is not many and also for the conversion is low because i cant hit inbox most of the time but still i can make around $20-$30/day for the dating cpa offer. I also have few other cpa offer still running but never get any problem because the leads and conversion is not high on each month.

    Recently in this 2 week, i manage to increase the message to hit inbox and my leads have been increase and also for the conversions. I always use the DMR method to blank the referrer because i am directly sending the cl m4w traffics to the dating cpa offer landing page.

    Do i need to send the cl traffic to my own landing page and then redirect to the cpa landing page or do i have to spread out the traffic to different cpa network?

    Can anyone please give me some guide or suggestion so that i can avoid this kind of problem happen again. Thanks