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    Hey guys,
    A little bit about me, I am a 19 year old college student, from about 14 years old I've always loved building website, actually built my own server in my house when I was 15 and had a dynamic ip so I had it linked to an auto update script to point to a web domain...I am now 19 and have a lot more experience but getting into the game of SEO. I currently operate a Media Temple server with about 12 domains on it, all functional.

    My latest niche site is a bodybuilding site: (put an e for the *)

    I've been using Dripable on it with linklicious, manually submitting to directories, every page has keywords, meta tags/descripts, etc (for the most part). I am putting unique content on the userblogs....and having it auto pull RSS feeds from major bodybuilding blogs to my site. Also having the RSS pull the articles into my forum as well. Taking supplement reviews off various sites, and adsense hooked up.... I set up twitter to auto post (not spam) a few times a day for keywords to retweet to people.

    This site is actually meant to grow its community and really be something I am really into bodybuilding as well. I have about 50 unique visitors a day. I am urning anywhere from .25cents to $1 a day from the ad's.

    So my questions to the vets:
    -Do you think the template is too cluttered and unorganized?
    -For the past 2 weeks it hasnt really moved anywhere still really low keyword ranked.
    -How would you guys go about pushing this up for the bodybuilding niche?
    -Any advice is much appreciated....

    I like to learn so please help me out guys!