Need help finding / building / copying PHP Script.

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    I am with a monument company in California. We are looking to implement an element in our website where customers can design their own headstones and place an order. I'm fairly computer literate but I've never worked with PHP and honestly I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about web stuff in general. I've put together a website on weebly and hopefully this isn't too noobish of a hosting service for my intentions with the script. Anywho, If you might be the right person for the job, there is money to be made.

    I would need help setting up the script etc. But as far as fine tuning and changing existing working elements to be relevant to our business, I think I will be able to handle that much eventually.

    Maybe someone here can look and go "oh, thats just [enter name here] script", if so please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject.

    EDIT: I had originally posted a link to the site and my email but I guess new members can't do that here. You can find the site by googling "signomatic"

    I can be reached at mrrexsocks at gmail

    Thanks Much,
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    Hello Rex, Fantastic idea to help differentiate yourself from the competition. Effectively you are looking for a basic text input / design tool with a drag / drop interface allowing it to be positioned. Sadly I do not know of a script available (and have done a little searching) although a tool built in PHP, Jquery and a little Mysql would allow you to achieve this. Try posting in the marketplace looking for a coder.. Plus for web hosting I would try something a little more sophisticated, there are a few here starting at $1 per month and will provide you with more flexibility to build and develop a site.