Need help figuring tyis out, tell me how much if I need to pay for this service

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    I have a plr product, a script that creates an online digital products store already loaded with software, and allows you to add or delete more stuff. I have followed the instructions, but still get an error when I try to set this up. There is a server setting, which I had Bluehost do, because I did not understand it. Bluehost said they knew what it was, and they took care of it but I still cannot get it to work, or it simply doesn't work in the first place and I am spinning my wheels.

    The product can be downloaded here
    Can someone look at this and tell me what you would charge to show me how to set it up correctly, or spot the problem with the script?

    Not asking for a freebie here, just an idea of what I need to spend to get this going.

    Of course anyone who wants it is welcome to download it.