Need Help Assessing My Niche/Keyword identification Process

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    This is something I thought I had a grasp on until I actually started doing it... I finally got my ass out of the books and am acting upon things I have learned and I find myself having a lot of doubts; Whether I picked the right niche, deciding how much competition is too much, creating a traffic plan, etc.

    Here's my niche/keyword identification process. It's full of holes, I know, and I'd appreciate if some of you could help me fill in some of the blanks.

    1. I go to clickbank, search around for medium gravity products (between 25-70. Anything below 25 I assume is trash and above 70 is over competitive) and pick out whichever seems the most marketable. I basically determine that by considering whether it fits the bill as an emotional buy, if there are adwords ads proving it's viability, and the following keyword numbers below;

    2. I try to find the long tail keywords in the niche. I use the following numbers as guidelines. >150 pages, >10k phrase match, >1k intitle, >10k inanchor. This helps me determine roughly how competitive a niche is.

    3. Lastly I check if there is any news relating to this item in google news. If there is I can spin them and create fresh topical content which should prolong the lifespan of my marketing efforts.

    And then I basically go in torch in hand....

    How do other blackhatters assess whether a niche is worth targeting and whether you are able to dominate it or not?

    After doing some research I chose a niche a few weeks back that I'm starting to have doubts over. Here are some of the figures that more experienced affiliate marketers/black-hatters can better assess;

    125k pages
    3k phrase match
    105 intitle
    6.6k inanchor
    750/month searches

    Also, most affiliate marketers in my niche are using the same tactic I am employing, namely web 2.0 marketing. 90% of all pages in the top 10 pages are all web 2.0 sites.

    Now that I'm in this niche and realizing the weight of the competition I'm starting to realize that the numbers I laid out for myself are only a small part of the picture; There are gaping holes in my process and if I could fill some of them in I would be able to start placing the whole puzzle together and maybe actually start seeing sales in my clickbank account.

    I'm not looking for a green light or red light regarding this specific niche. I'm just looking for general pointers on how to evaluate the keyword competition, the niche in more detail than I am doing now. At what point do you decide you're going to enter a niche and at what point do you decide you're going to bail out of it?