Need help ASAP- Losing my mind.


Feb 24, 2018
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Hi, I need help understanding something/ help with solving the problem. I run AdWords campaigns and 2 weeks ago, I had a problem with someone clicking my ad over and over again, Google was allowing it! I used "Click Cease" to fix this problem and it was working I was happy, saving money and paying for real clicks. 2days ago it all went pear shaped, there back! They are beating click cease, they are clicking my ad a lot! How are they doing this? How do they beat click cease and google? How can I stop it? If you have information for me then send me a PM. I am very serious about getting this resolved.
If it's the same person clicking, Google should only bill you for one click. It should show up in reporting as invalid clicks.

You can also find their IP in your web logs and block them. I block millions of IPs (anything coming from data centres).
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