Need help and advice what to do | Many links and social signal zero results

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by tophi, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Hello !
    one of my money websites is video related like YT. It's .com domain and it's 5 y. old. I have facebook page with 14k (about 7k real users) where I share videos and pictures. I have made have Scrapebox and LAIO and use them every day with PR above 1 links to create tier building , pure links...etc
    My website is PR2 (it was 5 before 4 years then dropped and never moved up) .
    The pages are seo optimised ( H1 H3, title, meta tags) submited about 100k links in webmastertools
    I also got some services from here and spend about 200$ in services with excellent reputation and feedbacks - 0 results !

    THE PROBLEM is... that I have about 1k visits a day and I can't move up no matter what I do.
    Can somebody give me idea or revew my website I'm really stick !

    p.s. sorry if I post in to the wrong place, please mod correct this if needed.

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    Try to increase your Alexa rank !!
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    Why? I don't see much value in that metric. Unless your Alexa Rank is between 1 and 10. :)

    Perhaps you were hit by the recent penguin update? Perhaps your link profile isn't as flawless as you might think.

    There's numerous guides to figuring this out. Matthew Woodward (BHW member and all around badass content producer) has a good one here:

    It could be a result of you trying to rank for a highly competitive term. If your competition is stiff, out ranking them will be tough.

    If it's not a penalty, and if it's not because your desired term is too tough, you should probably just preform more off-site SEO (assuming your site is as on-site optimized as you say).
    Scapebox links alone is not enough.
    PDF submissions, Web2.0's, high PR blog links.... must I go on? You can read about how to do SEO ad naueseum right on this very forum.