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Need FB fan page with 5000 likes?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by littlerubby, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. littlerubby

    littlerubby Junior Member

    Oct 11, 2015
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    Not sure, if it's been mentioned before. But i actually used this trick to make a multiple fan page with 6000 likes. Firstly, let me mention the two disadvantages of this method.
    1) You will not get targeted or people who really wants to be your fan "likes". So that means it could drop by few in coming days, months.
    2) You can't name the page with business (or other typical words) name. So that means you can easily use person's name or other non english words.

    Ok, now the method:
    1) Create new profile and set the profile images as hot, sexy, attractive girl's photo (just google it to find). (of course name of your profile should be woman's)
    2) Share few posts from anywhere on your timeline to look like you're active and real facebooker.
    3) Send friend requests to couple of people that has many friends. Also you can ask your real friends to share that girl's photo so that people will get to know that profile. Plus, show your sexy profile in big groups or pages by posting things related to that group or page. Do not spam.
    4) After a day or two, you will receive tens of friend requests. As your friends list grow, friend requests will also grow and if you're lucky you could have 5000 friends and plus followers in 4 or 5 days.
    5) Now change your profile name to desired page name you like. (you can change your name once in 60 days, so careful that you type it right)
    6) After you change your name, go to "Profile to page migration" section. There you will be asked to choose your category and page name. Page name should be same as your profile name. (That's why you had to change your profile name before).
    7) Now page migration will start and your friends will convert to page likes. It doesn't convert instantly, so you have to wait some 20 to 30 minutes to fully transfer friends to likes.

    Some things to keep in mind:
    - As some people might report you, or some other way Facebook recognize that you're a fake profile, you must quickly convert to page after reaching 5000 friends. Your profile might get blocked and asked for verification in the process, so keep that in mind.

    Need any question? post here.