need expert advise in something very wierd happening with simple blog

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    Sep 18, 2010
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    hello everybody,

    I am surfing this forum since few months but rarely posted anything here. Something strange is happening wiht my blog which i do not understand.
    my blog is around 2 years old ,actually i never updated my blog after 2-3 month when i created it.

    It has PR 1 ,and around 400 backlinks, mostly from social bookmarking sites and some 10-20 other blogs. it recieves around 100-150 visitors daily. SO in short its just a below avg blog.

    But i m noticing something strange in it now. my problem is whenever i post anything in it now no matter about what topic ,my blog shows up in google front page ,specifically under top 5 websites. i simply dont understand how it it happeing. I need someone to explain me why is it happening.

    Actually i got banned at adsense bcos of that blog once so i never wanted to ccontinue it , but now this behavior is confusing me alot.
    I will PM my blog toyou please enlighten me what it happening with it ?