Need Experienced Zennoposter Template Creator

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    Hi BHW Programmers/Creators,

    I just bought the zennoposter today but I've done the base of what is needed, to save you time as well as me money.

    I'm looking to create an email creator + twitter account creator.

    I'm looking for someone who provide me which solutions and complete my template for me.
    What the template will basically do,

    It'll create an email account with a list of private proxies that I've then it'll use the email account to go and create an twitter account using the same email address created previously, it'll then use information that I feed it to create the twitter account. The next thing I need is the most important which is to integrate API and API, this is simple if you're experience in both JSON & Coding. When the account is done with phone verify it will verify the twitter's by going to the email created previously.

    Basically in short if you're too lazy to read,

    1. Proxy Supported

    2. Multi Thread - I have standard edition

    3. Create Email Account

    4. Create Twitter Account

    5. PVA Twitter Account using API and API,

    6. Save created accounts using excel/csv in this format
    Email | Pass | Twitter username | Twitter Password | Number PV | Proxy Used to Create

    I've about 40-50% of the base done already, so this won't be too long of a project.

    Let me know if this is something you can do, add my skype below my name.