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    I need an experienced marketer (mostly SEO and alternative traffic generation) for an adult niche website. The sub-niche is Cam chat sites. I have all the resources ready:

    Business partner that has a 15 year experience in running a videochat/cam chat studio. He can provide:

    - 50 experienced cam girls
    - big budget ($$.$$$)
    - experienced programmers
    - Locations and hardware (servers, gynormous broadband internet, professional cameras, hi-tech pc's, decorated rooms, etc. etc.)
    - great experience in the cam girls industry with Platinum accounts on every major cam chat network.

    What I don't have:

    - Experience/contacts/resources in adult SEO, affiliations, lead generations, traffic sources etc. That's why I never had the balls to develop a cam chat platform. This must not be a hit and miss endeavor, the money invested can't go to waste (and if I did the marketing for it, it probably would have).

    What I need:

    - REALLY experienced adult marketer (with verifiable proven results) - that is a MUST, due to the big budget that will be invested, I will require no mocking about, I really need a guy with a plan, 100% professionalism and implication in the project.
    - Resources in ranking and promoting cam chat websites ( not looking for really fast, but neither long term, steady and reliable). If those dutch dudes at bongacams.com managed to reach 150 live cam girls on the website at any time of day and night and an AlexaRank of 3392, all that in just 8 months, it proves it can be done in a decent time frame.

    What I don't need:
    - Rip-off people with exaggerated prices (need ROI on the project, and I don't need it in 2 years)
    - Being taken for a fool. In spite the fact that I don't have the resources for promoting an adult SEO website, I know SEO, I've been doing SEO for the last 10 years. For my shame I didn't develop contacts over time in this niche because I wanted to focus on "clean" niches (no health, drugs, guns, adult, mostly where the real money is lol).
    - No scammers and noobs - due to the big bucks and the risks involved the collaboration will be done only by LEGAL CONTRACT (I mentioned before I need professionals, not freelance amateurs).

    So waiting for your PM's. I will give special attention to reputable members here. Newbies most likely won't get reply from me.

    Thank you.