Need estimate of price for program.-=may or may not lead to a sale=-

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    Knowledge of how search engines work is needed.

    Base Program Requirements

    1. Program should be able to automatically search Google,Bing,Yahoo,Squidoo,Hubpages,Blogger,wordpress(and other web 2.0 more the merrier) based on a specific keyword or keyword phrases.

    2. The auto searches should be able to run continuous searches based on regular intervals set by the program user.

    3. The program should be able to click on any specific URL in the top 1,000 search results as set by the user.(looks for URL's from text file)

    4. The program should be able to stay on URL and look around (like a normal searcher would and be able to set how deep to travel at random times).

    5. The IP of the originating search should very with each search.(Each thread should be able to search for a proxy and use it or read a proxy txt file)

    6. If program runs with a browser, the browser should leave no common footprint that identifies that the same browser is doing the searches.

    7. Each search needs to look 100% like from a different user, location.

    8. Multiple tabs within program for multiple searches.(each tab has its own options listed above or be able to run multiple instances of the program would be fine.)

    *** Note this program is for SERP research I am doing, it is not meant to click on any PPC ads(if it's possible to tell affiliation links and ignore them) - only normal, organic search results should be clicked. Program should be search engine friendly.

    **** My vision. Program user adds 5 or 10 keyword phrases in and the URLs that need clicked in the SERP results and the average time spent on home page and how many other random pages on the site should be visited. Then after program is started it does searches, finds URL clicks on it and spends 1 - ? minutes on site visiting URL in the SERP and some random pages.

    Program could be set to run in background or when computer is not in use.

    Thanks for reading and I have a budget right now, but please tell me the time frame it would take and I can calculate my final budget. I am willing to pay some of the fee up front as I understand what this would take.
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    I can do this software for you buddy :) Sent you a PM.
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    I have a similar program already done in ubot, let me know if you are interested