Need email list clean from hard bounces

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    Sep 1, 2012
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    Any suggestions or offers are welcome.

    I've got a email list of legit emails for a legit business. The problem is that we haven't kept up on the list and are in a business that has had major turnover with the economy. Now, our list, which is about 95% business domain emails, has about 15% bounces due to old employees at those companies. We're looking to cleanse the list. I can't do it via a white hat smtp service (they'll only take 10% hard and soft bounces combined). So, I need it cleansed first.

    There's 12k of addresses. The email validators don't actually work because they only check if the domain exists, then tries the user, which only works for certain big public emails like yahoo or gmail (every domains user validation coding is different nowadays). I've seen a couple bulletproof smtp account offers starting at $500/month, but I don't want to continue sending out through them and don't have hundreds of thousands to send, just 12k once. Any suggestions? Any offers?