Need dating email leads - Looking for longterm JV partner

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    I am looking for someone not in the US that has trouble opening an account for a dating affiliate network. I have a few accounts and currently working with 3 other partners in a JV. I am reputable and will give you those contacts if you wish to work with me.

    I need dating leads sent to my email. I will do the rest. I pay weekly, every Wednesday. I can show you my network stats via skype screenshare.

    If you are interested in working together add me on skype: heiko.winkler4

    i pay 50% of all sales made via paypal! I am accepting anywhere between 2000-15000 leads per day
    I would also prefer if you have had experience in doing this before. If you can't send at least 2k leads per day please do not contact me. I am currently working with CL leads, but would be open to other sources.