Need Content locking advice.

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    How would you guys approach this?

    Hypothetically lets say my keyword is: "Exchange Hot Girls Picture Free Login" (thats an made up example).
    People search for this keyword to get the login for a popular paid softporn site, for this example the site would be My keyword doesn't mention anything about porn. The keyword isn't a direct Trademark and EMD is available.

    How would I go about content locking this? Would I get in trouble with CPA providers if they found out about the nature of my site or would receive low quality leads? Would content locker pro be a solution for this idea?

    I also have these 2 options when it comes to the content on the site:

    - Make it obvious that the site is about getting the login information for a very certain site and redirect them with an affiliate link (cloaked) of the softporn site after they finish the offer.
    - Make the site misleading, which is quite possible given the keyword and redirect them to torrent results of the search phrase after they have finished the offer.