Need Car Dealers, Pay, $1,000 per month EACH


Jan 17, 2009
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Yeah ok so most of you know now my niche in Craiglist, but we need more USA dealers.

Today at 5:00PM and 9:00PM EST I will be doing a webinar to show what i need and how i do my business

If you can get me care dealers, on the phone, we close them, you make $1,000 per dealer per month.

Get 20? Yes make more.

My side, I will close and manage the accounts. Noone can post on craigslist like I can and I will prove it today.

The 5:00 PM meeting is

The 9:00 PM meeting is

*Note please DL the netmeeting client, not the web ones, Speakers are required

I have 170 dealers so far, I need 350 ish more then I am done.

Please hold all questions for the meetings tonight.

I wasn't going to do this, but being I know the economy sucks, and some really could use an extra 1 -3k a month, this is fast if you work your ass off.

Last week "Manny" closed 7 Deals himself door to door.

Will prove to all skeptics tonight...
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I want to understand but I do not want to be on a webinar. If you layout info on pdf let me know what exactly your doing. Also, is that $1000 per month or per dealer?
Nope sorry this is for serious people only. I am sureif you won't make a webinar you won't sell any.

If is just the timing, skype me.

and yes 1k EACH
Sorry if this is real dumb, but can't you just find car dealers in the yellowbook online?
Sure can and do.

But we looking for a "front" to be done, an introduction..
I work at a large dealership. PM me a brief overview since I'll be flying to NYC for a couple days of relaxation.
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I deal with a lot of car dealerships, I would be interested but the timing isn't on my side. Let me know if you have room to chat with me.
I know several local dealers and dealers in the surrounding areas. However the timing wasn't exactly right for me (had to coach a game). I would still be interested in talking to you.
My grandpa is a used car dealer. Send me a PM with some more information.
I am already dealing locally and around the USA with dealers. Just saw your post and its too late to attend now.
Will do this again tomorrow night , same times, links to follow.

Was a good turn out.
Will do this again tomorrow night , same times, links to follow.

Was a good turn out.

I could always use a couple extra grand.

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm one hell of a that basically what you're looking for?

I mean, I sell a dealer on getting on the phone with you or one of your associates & you sell him whatever you're selling & you give me 1k?
I'll be on the one tomorrow for sure
CasinoJack when will you be replying to emails? Im eager to get started with you.
If you didn't get a reply from me yet, send it again.

Sorry if I missed you.
Today at 5:00 PM EST


and again at 9:00PM EST


Again install the client. This will be the last public time I can do this.

Thanks for all who already started.
do you still need car dealers? let me know ASAP.
I was on one of the webinar calls the other day... casinojack is offering a real good opportunity for those that do not mind shaking hands and kissing babies. I think the compensation plan is fair and the type of work is not hard at all.

I used to work with car dealers back in the day and I am confident that what he is offering will work if you do... and it ain't hard work at all.
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