Need Call Tracking/Recording Setup for a New Client

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by udt89, Jun 6, 2012.

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    So in my effort to start my offline SEO/PPC management business, I stepped in some sh!t with a dental office that has 5 offices.

    Long story short, they want to be able to track calls incoming from new leads via PPC across all three platforms. (google, yahoo, bing). I know i'll need 1 new phone number per office, but do i need that times 3 because I cant track which keywords generated the lead across the three search engines? having 3 new numbers for the offices doesnt seem like something I would want to present them, seems like it would create confusion on the customers end.

    also i have seen this service in action, and basically they would somehow clone the real website but the phone numbers on the site would be the tracking numbers. how do you achieve this?

    Any help would be great. I would rather pay a company monthly to set this up for me than do it in house.