Need buying customers-Dont care what method used!!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by nenjak, Mar 31, 2010.

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    Now, I just started with the auto-blogging music niches to try to bring traffic to the site.

    I have a programmer that started a downloadable mp3 music site in Urkaine. It is similar to @llofmp3 and mp3fiesta and all those other "legal" music sites in Eastern Europe. His cost for every track sold is 8.5 cents to the copyright office. So he can sell downloadable mp3 music very, very cheap.

    He has offered me a very generous percentage for all the sales I bring in. Im not just blowing my own horn here, but I actually helped him in very specific way with this site that I will not talk about.

    I tried Sponsored Tweets, but I did not even make my investment back.

    I tried adwords and found some great low cost keywords, but Google will not show them. They showed a few and I got 3 signup from it, then every thing stopped. I raised my CPC for the keywords and the daily limit, and they would still not show.

    I tried Stumbleupon and not one signup. UGGGGHHHHH

    I also tried affiliate via Pepperjam Network, but when I offered a $2 CPA per signup,? Well I?m sure you can imagine the amount of fraud I received. But I was hoping an affiliate network would be a lot quicker.

    So I have a predicament. I don?t know what to do. I need help, anyone?s help to bring customers to the site. I don?t care if its black hat, green jacket, low life way, as long as it brings me paying customers. I am open to any ideas. Please post them here, I?m not crazy about opening individual pms. I am willing to do this via a joint venture with an offshore company.

    Again, I don?t care if its blackhat, I WILL PAY GENEROUSLY.