Need BOT programmer for HIGH demand untapped IM marketing niche site!

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    i will be blunt there is a website that i wont mention that is in desperate need of a bot (NOT A FORUM BASED SITE THAT VBULLTIN STORM OR FORUM BOT COULD WORK WITH)

    there is a fully functioning community with member profiles with very easy ways to pinpoint users to scrape along with friendships and contact user that is forwarded directly to there email etc...there is little to no security or message and friending limits aside from a possible captcha here and there (deathbycapthca implementation preferred)

    the users on the site are 90 percent customers of a certain thing (once again i wont say) and are all very active and keep up on things...unlike fb or alot of other sites where some people dont check it more than once a month haha

    i personally have a huge tap into a large market of clients for this BOT and can actually guarantee at least a few hundred sales...i would like it to be a monthly based payment structure to encourage the developer to stay on the ball as far as keeping the software functional

    this needs to be done estimating about 3 years shelf life left on the popularity and eventually it will fizzle away like myspace...

    i wish to codevelop this bot with someone very skilled and experienced in this, this is a huge opportunity for both of us to make alot of money i can assure you as i have been looking for this bot for years upon years and NO ONE HAS EVER DID IT...why you ask

    beacuse most people involved in this industry are on the outside looking in as far as coding goes although they in general are very tech savvy but dont go that far into the rabbit hole (like myself) i know exactly what needs to be done

    if this sounds like somethin youd be interested in PM or skype me asap and ill let the cat out of the bag...if i spill the beans and then a bot or software emerges i will know for a fact u took it and ran with it beacuse like i said ive been looking for this for nearly 7 years and i can assure you it doesnt exist :cool:
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