Need blogger sites for my linkwheel/pyramid

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    Sep 14, 2010
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    I need a list of free blogging sites for the link wheels I am planning on making. If you have any, please share them here.

    If anyone has tried link wheels/link pyramid before please comment on my structure:
    each blog will ideally get 3 spun articles for 3 closely related niche long tail keywords. Each post will then contain 3 links. A link will link to the corresponding article on my website, my money site, one will link to the corresponding article a layer above and one will link to a blog in another pillar.

    1 4
    ^ ^
    2 3 5 6

    Where 1,2,3 is a pillar and 4,5,6 is a pillar
    And the idea is then that every second layer links straight to my site, so that I will never both link to my site and link to another blog that links straight to my site. I hope it is fairly clear. Because i heard that you need to minimise the footprint so that google won't discover the link pyramid.

    but pls add more blog sites/services :)