Need Article Writer That Has An IQ Above 10, Recomenndations Please

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    Hi all,

    Here I am editing text files just because people don't do what I pay them to do.
    Money wasted and my time wasted, thanks! F***

    I won't mention any names, instead I'd like to get some recommendations...

    So far I've employed several writers on the BHW services for sale section, but there's always something wrong.

    They eithey copy text from other websites or they use wrong keywords or they suck at english and not even the titles make any sense!
    And FORGET ABOUT LSI, they don't know shit about LSI, allthough many will tell you they do just to get your business!

    So please, I need some decent article writers for lot's of niche focused articles and I need the articles soon.

    I want them to be somewhat optimized, LSI isn't a must but if it's included then GREAT! I also need the articles to be 100% unique and that they pass copyscape, because I actually test them.

    Help me out please, refer me to some good article writers here.
    It seems some article writers here outsource the work to others who are less capable, I don't want that. I want the person I pay to do the job, so I know it get's done by a PRO.

    All recommendations welcome :happysad: