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Need an XML Fetcher/Parser Util Written

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by TapTapper, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Apr 15, 2009
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    Hey Guys

    I need an XML util written. The Marketplace seems to be all design, posting, copywriting etc. Not much coding there at all. I've tried fiverr and got a couple blowhards who can't deliver. oDesk / rentacoder are garbage these days: everyone is a false front for some outsourcing conglomerate. There are more fake profiles there than on match.com

    Can anyone help me with this spec? I mean, point me in the right direction to get this written. I've done a version of it but it's not stable. My version uses XL07 to fetch, but it is a LOT of XML calls and eventually the mass of connections and memory leaks kills it. I've done all I can to stabilize it and shut the pipes but the tools I use don't have enough control of memory and open connections to keep the memory space clean. Long story.

    I think this needs to be written in ruby or c or vsto or vb or java or something. Any suggestions?

    And, is anyone here on Fiverr and can do this gig? Do you know anyone who is/can?

    PM me or reply here. Thanks!
    I need multiple XML result sets combined into a single text or XL file. The XML calls will be in a text file, one per line. For every XML call I need the data fetched and added to the results file.

    Each XML call can contain up to 100 item numbers. So, for 3,000 products you'd have at least 30 calls: one call per row, each call with up to 100 ID numbers.

    This is a sample call:


    I can build a text file with those calls containing all the IDs I need to fetch. Alternately I can send a text file with only item numbers (ie 244008,243985,244000,244014,243989,etc) and you can fetch each one individually.

    The end result should be a single text or XL file with all the XML data for all id numbers.