Need an Re-writer/s 500 - 1.5k articles per month


Junior Member
Nov 23, 2008
CONTACT me on msn/email: Joseph_todd AT

Looking for a team of maybe 2 - 5 active re-writers. Writers must be:

Have MSN Messenger
Have a paypal account.

All aticles must:

Be over 70% original when completed,
Be over 300+ words,
Include Sub heading and paragraphing,
Be of the genre I have specified,
Regularly include the keyword contained in the article title,
Have no spelling, grammar or syntax mistakes,
Read properly and fluently.

If an article does not adhere to these standards, the writer must be willing to rectify it free of charge.

I will pay $0.75 per article will be ordering in batches of 500 articles ($375 per batch)

EDIT: If you can provide me with good quality, fully english, gramaticaly perfect articles i will pay 90c per article.
well prices are low because of batch buying. Plus im offering more than what many people would.

I think if someone could do it within a decent time scale and actually have the articles look liek they were wrote by someone ENGLISH i would pay

$1 per article.

Its so much hassle going through article writers who cant even speak english!
English is my secondary language, and I can only handle up to 150-200 articles a month :)

Care to share any details ? Niche ? Who provides/finds original articles etc ?

Take care
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