Need an Expert to Help Me Maximize My Membership Website - Serious Experts Only, Please

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    I'm in the eastern USA
    A couple of my friends and I have built a successful membership website (not-adult/non-gambling/non-pharma oriented, imagine that) using Wordpress as a platform. We are currently hosting on a VPS.

    We grew as high as 230 paying members (monthly) but now are sitting at around 175-180. I'd really like some help to take it to the next level. I'm especially interested in:

    1. getting more daily targeted traffic (investing/finance)
    2. improving all aspects of SEO and SEM
    3. My site creates unique content almost on a daily basis ... both videos & especially blog/article posts. I am certain we are not maximizing this content at present. I would like to leverage all the content we are creating.

    Although I know a fair amount of all the above (more than enough not to get screwed by scammers and hucksters) I simply do not have the time to oversee all aspects required. I am looking for someone that would more or less "own" these responsibilities and pay them a monthly salary.

    The goal is 300 active paying monthly members. So, about 125-150 new subscribers over the next few months.

    I'm open to fresh ideas. I'd really like to hire someone for a couple of months that is capable and certain they can show some tangible results.

    People that contact me should be able to show a verifiable track record with solid results, along with some real testimonials of individuals I can contact. The individual/company should also be regularly available via email/phone/skype/IM to work with me daily.

    Thank you.
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