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    So i decided to take SSL cert. and i thought that the domain i bought from namecheap is good for it , sounds like imgsharing site + i can use it for more since its privacy protected.

    Now i can only take dedicated ip with HG on my main domain and if i want to change it they want me to remove all addon domains (which i think would mean no traffic goes thru)

    So should i just go for it or is there some other good hosting where its easy to put my ssl or should i make new account on HG and use the 0.01 code again wonder they like it ?

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    Aug 13, 2008
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    Behind the VPN...
    Ok, i'll try and explain a bit though i've been up 40+ hours now so not sure how well i'll do...

    A SSL Certificate is tied to a Common Name (which is the domain name). A Certificate issued to will not work for and vice versa. And requires a dedicated IP to use (the reason for this technical and im not going explain here unless u need me too).

    A addon domain is a term used with shared hosting to describe having the same website show under different domain names (for example going to shows Hence because the SSL Certificate has been issued for a specific domain (in our example these addon domains on the same site will cause a Certificate Error/Warning which will also look bad for your reputation.

    Now what I would do personally is
    - Remove the AddOn Domains and get HG to set up the SSL Cert
    - Create a new account for 0.01 using one of the AddOn domains, and then set up a redirect page on this website to redirect people to the other domain using a permanent 301 redirect which will keep any SEO ranking you have built up on the addon domains

    Hope this helps,