Need an advert to advertise a Crypto Affiliate link


Feb 16, 2022
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Hi all

I’ve tried to get a paid advert onto Google and Bing (Microsoft) ads and unfortunately I keep getting violation messages due to promoting Cryptocurrency.

I am looking for places where I am able to advertise and promote my affiliate link to many people.

If anyone knows any places or anyone, please do let me know, I am keen to hear from you.

Thank You.
thanks @Salamouna but never heard of a clocker? Is there a place you know that uses this, so I can dig in a bit further?
YOu need to use a Cloaker, and all that is hella more difficult than it seems.

Push notifications might work, need to find ad network that accepts that kind of ads
Thanks @xanadux666. Yea I’ll check this cloaker thing out. Also that’s the problem, I have been through many places and google searches and still not able to find anywhere to advertise. I was hoping that somebody here on this site can point me in the right direction, as I am seeing people using ads on google already for this. But I don’t know how they bypassing the Google bans…..
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