NEED Affiliates for new CB Untapped niche: Skiing and Snowboarding - 75% Pay Out

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    Hi guys,

    I am looking for affiliates and am offering 75% commission per sale on a $44 product in untapped niche ? Skiing and (or) Snowboarding.

    The product is in the winter sport market and called ?The Truth About Skiing and Snowboarding?. It is a unique and proven system to help guide the skier in achieving more safety whilst skiing or snowboarding. It?s filled with valuable tips, techniques, and other factors that are critical to getting the most out of your skiing.

    This is a huge untapped (and very reach) market as over 30 millions people only in US. In Croatia (where I?m from), I?ve sold over 1000 copies in one year, and only in America there are 250x times more skiers than in my Country. So you can imagine how big and powerful this market are.

    Here is the link to have a look at the sales page:

    We have tested every aspect of the sales page for the past 3 months and now have it converting really well.

    We?ve also put together loads of promotional material for you to use. IE Banners, Product shots, articles, email swipes, keywords plus multiple offer pages you can choose from.

    You can find it all on our affiliate page here:

    If you've got any questions you're welcome to reply here, PM me or send email!

    Thanks and have a great day!