Need: AdWords Flash banner showing dynamic geo-targeted product lists based on user IP

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    Hi guys, could you please help me with the following questions:

    Let's assume that I have an imaginary online store selling products in a specific niche. I want to use AdWords network to place my Flash banner on a number of sites in the same niche. For each and every banner impression, I want banner to show listings specific to the user's geo location.

    - I will create and host HTTP handler or webmethod that will return listings to the Flash code, in XML or JSON format or in plaintext or whatever. The listings will be returned based on the request's IP address

    - in the worst case, I could group listings by locations and compile a specific ad copy for each city, also specifying that city as a geo-targeting parameter inside adwords when submitting an ad. This way, Flash ad does not have to be dynamic (could use just static images instead of Flash). However, if I want to scale it and add listings from other people, there will be more and more locations overtime so I would strongly prefer to have just one dynamic Flash ad and handle geo-targeting myself. I have a feeling that G will not allow such a behavior ...


    Q1 - how does that scenario fit into Google's vision of Flash Ads? Will they allow Flash ads fetching their content on the fly from the remote host?

    (They DO allow Flash Ads in general, here is an excerpt from AdWords help: Flash ads must be 50K or smaller in size, Banners utilize Flash versions 4 - 8, Flash creatives should also support the clickTAG variable, etc)

    Q2 - is there any other large network that would allow Flash (or javascript) banners calling home server for ads content?

    Thank you!