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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by nakaam30, Feb 7, 2013.

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    well i started an adult blog a few days ago, it's about free video downloads, now i really find it time consuming to upload a video to a file hosting then find the description of the video and spin it to avoid duplicate content and then search for keywords for each post i make, i think if i drop the description part and just upload scrrenshots and put the link to download and some tags and keywords it would save me a lot of time but i don't know if this might harm my SEO since most of my visitors are from search engines
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    The way the big boys do it is to create a site that has direct links videos already hosted by others. Going up directly against the actual hosts is tough. Xh&mster, F*q ..there are a lot of them.
    Have a site that links to their hosted content (F*q does this - it doesn't host it's own stuff, it links to others).

    Write a quick bot to go around the top 20 adult video hosting sites and harvest new URL's and screen grabs, then add some editorial of your own (or generate it automatically) and whack this up. Promote like crazy.

    Generic adult is a tough nut. Niche adult, essp new niches (the mind really does) are much easier. A lot of money in adult, the big boys buy the smaller sites up all the time for use as feeder sites. They are also prone to breaking your kneecaps if you get too cocky. (metaphorically? hopefully, but sometimes not I'm sure)