Need advice on starting a making money move through youtube videos.


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Oct 25, 2016
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My target $1000 before 15 december.
My plans; i have diabolic bot, i want to use it to send traffic to the youtube.
Want to create three youtube video on three niches.
I have images i want to upload to use as slide on youtube.
Would like to add tumbnail to the video but not yet certain how to go about it.
Get three products on three niche from clickbank with at least about $20 conversion.
Sign up with a content locker ogads or cpagrip. To lock the affiliate product review page
Use blogger to create the pages, since it is just a short term stuff.
Add the links to tumbnail and description
Send alot of fake trafic to the videos and watch.

Please a nid some advice. It is pretty short term stuff.
This sounds like a terrible idea? Do you know how low the conversions are of people watching videos to then purchasing products? And if your video is a slideshow, people are going to buy even less. Why would anyone want to buy after watching a slideshow?

Affiliate marketing on YouTube is not an easy game, it's a game that requires either enormous amounts of traffic to offset poor conversions, or it requires you put legitimate effort into creating high-quality content. I would suggest you pick a new method.

EDIT: Oh and I just read that you plan to use BLOGGER as a landing page... nope, nope, nope. Who would buy anything after being redirected to a free BLOGGER page?
How will fake traffic convert
bots don't have credit cards
Real people take realistic convincing if you want them to click on anything.

If you're gonna go towards the CPA route with any kind of fake traffic, be sure to read up on it as much as possible, as it will be easy to fail if you're not careful.
Don't use bots for You Tube. Just don't. It won't work.
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dickhead alert
I think a blackhat forum is the last place we would fall for spam and shit like that.
Do not use bot traffic, it will just ruin your rankings.
ok signed up with ogads, planning for a free domain name source. and a free host 2 am pretty broke is a shame but willing 2 try out. any suggestions on any free source? thinking about freenooms dot com. and hostinger who knows if their offers are still on?
As a newbie maybe we can research first the things we want to know before asking it. LOL! I'm sorry but yeaah it will help as well.
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