Need Advice on Social Media and Generating Traffic (Suggest Services)

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    So I am running a viral video blog that I am pretty proud of. I don't have a lot of traffic but what I do have are two youtube accounts totalling about 1 million views. The videos themselves were what got me populair so I've decided to consolidate my different accounts and have them working on a blog. I haven't made the switch yet but all of the videos ive posted on the youtube accounts are being embedded into my viral video blog. Pretty soon, each new video i upload will feature a watermark to try to get people to go back to the blog. Some of these videos are indeed monetized and thats why I am hosting them through youtube and not personally hosting them.

    My question is, what can i do to build an audience. I am constantly updating my content and trying to build followers that will check on the blog a couple of times a day (to see up to the minute videos I've just posted). I've also added social media plugins to the skin and everything is looking great. If I pay for G+/FB/T likes, will this encourage more people to like the page ?

    If you have the capability to add likes in any of the above social media providers and can do so without alarming them I would like to talk and see what can you can do to help me make my viral video blog more popular.

    PM's are encouraged