Need advice on merging a well-ranked site with a not-well-ranked site

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by sinewave, Jun 21, 2008.

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    Short version: I need some advice on merging 2 sites in the recruiting industry. One is very old (circa 1996 and still going) and the other is about 8 years old, but underperforming.

    Longer version:
    My father died recently. He and my sister worked in the same industry and did a great deal of joint-venturing, so now it's time for me to help her wrap his site & business into hers.

    My father's site is extremely well-ranked and his business has consistently performed better than my sister's. I built my father's first site back in 1996 or so and he ran like hell with it, building it up using both black & white hat SEO techniques.

    He was the first in his industry to move all of his marketing online and he did extremely well as a result. For the first year or so he did all of the development himself--using what I taught him + his own dark research--until he found a decent organization to which to outsource.

    Granted he delved much deeper into black-hat SEO than I ever have, but his site is still being rewarded for it. Oh, and his site is soooo ugly and old-fashioned, but it does pull with the right marketing behind it.

    On the other hand, I rebuilt my sister's site a few months ago and we're slowly climbing in the SERPs.

    As an aside, there was a period during the past year that both of their businesses experienced slumps, significant enough to stop revenue for 8 months. They hadn't recognized that the job of getting in front of qualified job candidates has changed over the past couple of years.

    A recruiting business has 2 "markets": 1) employers (customers), and 2) candidates (inventory/product). They had customers stomping down the doors, but no inventory or product on the shelves.

    Anyway, when they finally told me about the protracted revenue slumps I took 2 weeks off to conduct some carpet bomb style marketing fulltime for 16 hours per day and got their receivables and revenue back into a nice deep shade of black. Whew! We were on our way to our phase 2 of the marketing push with money back in the coffers.

    Then my father got sick.

    I've not done much with the marketing effort over the past several months due to various family issues and arrangements ... and because I need to put together a coherent strategy for merging the very different sites.

    I guess I'm just having trouble retiring my father's site, even though I would love to see my sister's business benefit from the history of it.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Hope I was coherent.