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    Hi Yall,

    I am currently working on a movie website where people can watch full movies.

    Now i see a lot of people are choosing for services like openload etc. to earn this 20/40$ @ 10.000 views.

    Yet i am the kind of person that chooses quality over money. So i am looking for a nice setup between earning and quality. I am thinking of hosting my own videos to make sure the quality will be 720p or 1080p. Of course i have to earn though.

    So if i'm correct openload is earning it's money through ads on their videos. One starting after the play button. This one probably earns them the most. Since most of the time the first ad you'll see is a "plugin download". I guess every install is worth a nice amount of money. After that a few popups.

    So my idea was to do exactly the same but just a little different. I have a legit Play button and beneath i have 2 other buttons which i named: "Download movies hd" and "Stream movies hd".

    I want to keep my play button clear of any bullshit other than pop-ups. If you press play the video starts.

    On the stream and download buttons i want to place an add that will have advertise a download. This download should be worth money. This is one of these things i can't find. A PPD for a plugin or program video related.

    Also i don't know any popup advertising program that pays pretty ok and is around for a while already.

    Also, and this one i really hope to find, i would love to have a advertising program where i can get paid for video views. I would love to play a 5-15 sec video before the actually movie starts. I think it's a nice way to advertise and totally worth it for the viewers. It only takes them about 15 seconds and after that they can watch a full movie without any further advertising. Also if this kind of advertising exists i am pretty sure they probably pay alright.

    I know a lot of apps use this. The "Watch this video for extra coins" stuff. I am just not sure where to find it, what the name is for that kind of advertising and if it's available for desktop.

    So any tips on advertising is welcome!

    Thanks in advance!