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Need Advice - Links And Text In Threads On My Forum - Other Forums - Does It Help

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by tunescool, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. tunescool

    tunescool Senior Member

    Jul 23, 2011
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    i have a celeb pic forum and i had a plugin made to archive all the threads on my forum by thumbnail. like a fansite. ive been archiving for at least 3 years, every thread url is entered in certain threads but not a visible text link in the thread, just linked by a thumbnail. i have 10s of thousands of links on IMDB, i had a blog for a couple of years where i just had 4 pics as a preview then a link to my forum for the rest of the pics for every blog post i made

    all links are in threads like this, like 25,000 threads

    [/li][li][font size="4"][B][I][font color="808080"][font face="times new roman"]Mischa Barton[/font][/font][/I][/B][/font]
    [hr][font color="00138E"]Photoshoot For[/font] - People
    [hr][font color="00138E"]Photographer[/font] - 
    [hr][font color="00138E"]Date[/font] - 2004
    [/li][li][font size="4"][B][I][font color="808080"][font face="times new roman"]Paris Hilton[/font][/font][/I][/B][/font]
    [hr][font color="00138E"]Photoshoot For[/font] - 
    [hr][font color="00138E"]Photographer[/font] - Ian Scott
    [hr][font color="00138E"]Date[/font] - 2004
    [/li][li][font size="4"][B][I][font color="808080"][font face="times new roman"]Rachel Bilson[/font][/font][/I][/B][/font]
    [hr][COLOR=#00138E]Photoshoot For[/COLOR] - Zink
    [hr][COLOR=#00138E]Photographer[/COLOR] - Craig De Cristo
    [hr][COLOR=#00138E]Date[/COLOR] - October 2004
    [/li][li][font size="4"][B][I][font color="808080"][font face="times new roman"]Rachel Bilson[/font][/font][/I][/B][/font]
    [hr][COLOR=#00138E]Photoshoot For[/COLOR] - Teen People
    [hr][COLOR=#00138E]Photographer[/COLOR] - Marc Baptiste
    [hr][COLOR=#00138E]Date[/COLOR] - December 2004
    every year for every celeb shows up like this in threads, with a text description, thumbnail


    are these links and the text helping my forum. is there a way to utilise what im doing now in another way to help my forum

    i only show as PR 1 but have a great presence on the internet, i always am within the first 5 results on google if i look for a specific event or photoshoot or whatever. sometimes ill find just my site on the first page for my keywords, or page two and past. theres a ton of celeb sites, blogs, gossip sites, but alot of them are just chump sites. theres only like 10 or not even celeb pic forums on the internet that are always active with alot of members and are posted on daily with new pics. i never see them on google, theres superior pics thats always there but thats it for major celeb forums

    ive been posting all my threads on IMDB, a major site for 4 years everyday, tons of links. i had like 5,000 links to different threads on my forum on my blog. what is the situation there, how google sees them

    why am i PR1 still, it doesnt seem like it should be that way to me. what can i do in my situation and niche to get where i think i should be

    id like some advice, help, whatever guys
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  2. harshareddy

    harshareddy Power Member Premium Member

    Dec 10, 2010
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    your links will certainly help you to get some relevant traffic to your forum, however the links you have got might no really help gaining your PR(that is the reason your site is still pr1), as most of the forums sigs links are NO follow( whhch do not pass Pagerank)