Need Advice: How to choose the best 2012 SEO Service in BHW

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    Hi Good Day to all Black Hatters,

    For 1 month I have looking for latest 2012 SEO services in BHW.. and I have pick 5

    1) Rank Fuser2.5™ ★★★ backlinkfuel ★★★ ►► 15,000 Backlinks That Pack A Punch ◄◄ by Georgebg (This look Powerful but expensive)

    2) ★★Rave Reviews★★ BigBuddy's Premium Link Pyramid Service For Serious Webmasters.. by BigBuddy (This also look Powerful but is link pyramid still relevant?)

    3) ►►►Hybrid Force Seo - 5 Link Types each week + Addons + Huge Serp boosts for 1 small Price by secretboy08 (This look unique linking service)

    4) THE 500 CLUB - Ultimate Link Diversity from a Former BIG G Employee - GREAT FOR ANY SITE by joshweaver9 (This from BigG x-employee)

    5) [G-RANK FERRARI] ATTACK YOUR COMPETITORS With DEADLY BLOG NETWORK-WIKIS-WEB2.0 and MORE by sarkark21 (This look ordinary)

    "You are NOT allowed to post URLs, email addresses and images, until after you have been a member of BHW for a little longer" Sorry i cannot post url since 2009, maybe not enough post.

    My blog information:

    - I have a blogspot coupon niche, domain .info (EMD), hostwinds, age 1.5 years, 100 post (I get this site from my friend 2 month ago, he had done SEO manually)
    - PR 1
    - daily adsense $3~$8
    - Main KW #100++ out of rank
    - sub keyword 1 #3 yahoo and G
    - sub keyword 2 #4 yahoo and G
    - install google webmaster tool and google analytic.

    G analytic:
    daily: 50-80 unique visitor (LOW)
    Country: USA

    G adsense:
    3 Adsense content (Skyscraper, link and box)
    Average CTR 10%
    Average clicks 12/daily
    Average CPC $0.48

    Google Keyword Tool:
    Main KW - competition HIGH, Global/local Monthly Search 49,500 CPC $2.20 (but position #100++)
    Sub KW 1 - competition MEDIUM Global/local Monthly Search 1,300 CPC $1.85 (but position #3, under authority site)
    Sub KW 2 - competition MEDIUM Global/local Monthly Search 1,100 CPC $1.85 (but position #1, under authority site)

    Majestic SEO
    Use fresh Index:
    Referring Domain 5
    External Backlink 220

    I try to scale my adsense earning by targeting High Search/Low or medium competition keyword.

    1) What the criteria should I choose those services? Because I have no Exp on using all in one package SEO services. Before this I try once on fiverr but order seperate serivces (1 gig senuke, 1 gig wiki, 1 gig xrumers, 1 gig bookmarking)
    2) What should I give them 1 keyword or 2-3 keyword to get better result?
    3) How can I check if the link they build is dead or broken?
    4) Can I keep ordering for the same keyword and same provider until the main KW ranking top 10?
    5) How long I should wait to see the result?
    6) Are all the provider using the same tool such as senukex, xrumers, scrapebox, BMD, TBS? if yes, what make them different? their link strategy?
    7) Is my rank position oin Bing/Yahoo will increase or just effect in Google?
    8) Is it save for a new site to use this service? Or I should 301 redirect first using old index domain.

    Hope can get the best [answer|solutions|suggestion|Comment] from experience adsense/SEO Black Hatters.

    Thank You for your time reading my thread.

    Best Regards,

    BHW newbies since 2009 :cool:
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    1. Huge difference in services on Fiverr and here on BHW. Read the threads and make sure you pay particular attention to the reviews.

    2. I'd just go with one keyword at first. No sense in diluting the SEO initially.

    3. Just randomly pick a link here and there and try it!

    4. Usually you can, I can't see there'd be too much of a problem. Take time to talk to the SEO provider, gage their opinion.

    5. I'd give it at least a month, if not longer for any off page SEO to kick in. Even then there's no hard and fast rules, G* dances/algo changes are happening all the time these days!

    6. Most likely yes they'll be using the same tools. However, sometimes it's not what you use, it's how and when you use it. Talk to the SEO provider to gage what they're willing to do for you.

    7. They'll all increase eventually, well that'll be the plan!

    8. I'd wait for the site to become indexed, then trickle some SEO, gradually increasing it. I wouldn't add any Adsense/CPA etc etc until you're page one on G.

    Main thing with finding a SEO provider to work with is to work with someone who seems to know their stuff (read reviews), doesn't seem desperate, doesn't promise the earth and seems genuine!
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    thanks ankame for your honest advice.. i have read the review.. all give positive review.. but i like no 1, no2 and no 3. if you in my situation with limited budjet, which one do you choose? what will you ask them before
    make order?