Need Advice from experienced ones.

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    I need some advice. I would like to give back to community by helping some members here. But trying to find the best way for it. here it is:

    I am thinking to mentor/help 5-10 members about IM. Mainly on:

    -keyword research
    -adsense monetization
    -wordpres plugins
    -on-site, off-site seo
    -seo tools (sick submitter, tbs,amr,wp robot)
    -autoblog creation
    -etc etc etc (i mean lots of ideas)

    I will create a website for this kind of project. I am not a guru nor an expert, never. But I just want to share my knowledge. And I am sure I will learn from the friends who will participate.

    So, please give me advice

    -I do not want to work with some exploiters (how to do that?)
    -I do not want to work with people who will join and leave 3 days later (after seeing that he should work hard)
    -If I want from the participants that they should buy a hosting account using my friends affiliate link in return of this project, will it be OK? (It is really a friend who needs money).

    Any other suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks.:)