Need Advice From An Expert. Found a few keywords with huge traffic and no competition

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by Silverion, Sep 6, 2012.

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    I was in the middle of researching marketing possibilities for my new venture when I found some keywords that have a combined exact search traffic volume of over 600,000 searches per month. And there isn't a single person advertising for them. Now, I am not going to say the niche is ultra-targeted to what I am offering but I am confident I can generate targeted visitors with the right text ads. Because of the lack of competition the cpc is obviously $.1

    My current plan is to create a landing page on my site targeted to the people searching the keywords and start the campaign. I recently finished The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords and am already following the relevant guidelines for the campaign. What I would like to know is if you where in my position, what other things would you do to try to make this campaign successful. Also, I haven't actually bothered reading the whole $.01 CPC articles and threads around the web but do you think this is a scenario in which this would be plausible and what steps should I follow to generate that kind of CPC. Thanks in advance

    P.S. Regarding the competition I don't think this is a scenario in which others tried and failed to generate a ROI. I used Spyfu to look at the keywords and the history shows nobody has tried advertising on the keywords I found for at least the past 2 years
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    If you want to keep the CPC at a penny, make your campaign level bid settings manual and set your max CPC accordingly. Check the account frequently to make sure you are getting good placement and CTR. If there truly is no one else using the words, you should get top placement and decent CTR (assuming your ad text is compelling) for the low bid amount.

    That being said, I?ve read on other adwords forums that people have a hard time getting ads to show when there is no competition by entering in ultra-low bid amounts. You can of course try the penny approach however you may need to bump it up to around .20 -.30 to get ads to start showing.

    Avoid setting the campaign to auto bid. Google claims that it will not charge you more than you have to pay but it will also try and use up your budget. So if your budget is 5 dollars per day and you have your bidding set on auto, it may charge you much more than the penny per click.

    Check out Google?s advice for manual bidding about halfway down the page at this link,

    Hope this helps you,

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    Well, advertisers is not needed if you go for selling your own materials. If the traffic is US and you got no competition, then you can easily rank for it imo.