Need advice adsense is paying me pennies

Discussion in 'General PPC Discussion' started by christoss1959, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Ok this is what is going on this month I had 1,820 visits on my site, 58% being new visitors. However I had only 10 clicks on ads which paid me 1.18GBP. I am concerned about both my CTR and CPC as I used to have higher on previous projects that I abandoned for this one.
    Since my site is basically a free software site with placed in the site and in the program (through a browser window that shows a thank you for using program x on my site). So I am basically looking for an advertising network that would boost my earning, I wouldn't mind puting those annoying full page ads on the thank you pages as it wouldn't affect the user experience. Do you think that would help? Do you have any suggestions?

    A note. Some of you may say that that my visits are not high but I actually get 100-200 per day every time I update a piece of software (but since I am earning pennies) I am not doing it as often as I can (to work on other stuff).
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    Its better to place some flash/video ads also to attract visitors to click on those. Also try to buy some cheap traffic.