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Need advice about new keyword on blogger

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by lakedaimon, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. lakedaimon

    lakedaimon Registered Member

    Dec 24, 2012
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    Hello guyswith the help of black hat world, i managed using white hat seo to rank #1 for my main keyword.Now i would like to rank for another relevant keyword and i want your advice about which is thebest wat to arange page and posts to rank well.Lets say that i want to rank for the keyword dog breeds while my current #1 keyword is dog training.Option 1: Start a new blog about dog breedsOption 2: Start a new category (dog breeds) in same blog and start posting one post for each breedOption 3: Start a PAGE in the SAME BLOG and place in this page the links of each post about each breedWould really appreciate your opinion.Please note that about option 3 i am afraid about duplicate content problem appearing as i am noobwith robots txt etc.I wont start before i hear your advice!