Need a writer to write city descriptions

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    I need someone to write short descriptions of cities to make tourists want to visit this city specifically for the restaurants. They must be copy scape passed. You can look on several websites to find a few sentences to reword. I have a list of 100 cities, I need 75 to 100 words per city description. You will make a text document, and insert a table with 2 columns. The left column will have the list of cities and the right column will have a list of descriptions.

    I need a quality, short, honest description of a city with travel and restaurants in mind. Nothing too fancy. Must be easy to understand and grammatically correct.

    Here's the list of 100:

    See? There's already a description, your job is to reword it and make it based around tourist and restaurants. You don't have to use the description on Wikipedia. You must just look at the city name and research tourist and food ideas for the particular city on Google. I think $36.38 for the deal is fair (97 paragraphs of 75 words). Thats $0.50 per 100 words.

    Want the job?
    Go ahead and visit that Wikipedia page. Next, you must write a description for San Jose and PM me it. It's the 3rd city down in the list. The articles must be attractive to travelers and make tourists want to visit the particular city.

    If I choose you, your work will be the 4th to the 100th city. If you do a good, fast job on this, I will hire you for future projects.