Need A webiste Made, Asap/ Looking for consultion

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    I am way over worked and just don't have time, and have some family stuff going on.

    I am looking for someone to make a website for me. I really need this done fast.

    I use to sell legal buds and K2 and Herbal blends on Ebay and Amazon, But with all the rule changes it is just plain to hard to do it anymore.

    I am looking for something fresh and using all the new coding. I really want it to be on the cutting edge and looking really sharp. But as features I really don't need many, really just a shopping cart system to work with paypal and a few others. I would like it to be easy to ad other payment systems in the near future. The site can be built around zen cart or OS cart or any other free ones out there. I need to be able to add products and sections easy.

    I am looking for the site to really stand out and look nice. Something people will remember. Something that looks like it was worked on for a long time.

    I need someone that can get this done quick, no games, no BS

    contact for more details and info and quote

    I am also looking for someone to help promote the site, there will be affiliate program but that is not what I am talking about

    I need a all around IM marketing person to help make this site go virual......
    PPC, backlinks, BH, youtube, facebook, etc etc etc

    maybe even looking for a few poeple

    I am not dumb when it comes to this, just to busy right now

    I want to spend most of the money for this project on the marketing

    I need someone I can work with and that will share the marketing ads or whatever is used. In time, I will be taking back the marketing of the site

    I am trying to make all this happen quickly, so please PM me with rates, past projects, tell me about you, etc etc

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    Every and Anything
    pmed you