Need a Virtual Assisstant :) Opportunity to Learn & Earn

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    Hey there,

    I need to get someone to help me out with the following things:

    1. Product Creation.
    2. Basic HTML Pages.
    3. Putting .doc articles on forums as sales letters.

    Other than that there maybe a few different things that I would require you to handle.

    You get the opportunity to learn and earn.

    The work will not be more than 80 Hours in a month.

    You need to have the following skills:

    1. Ability to create IM Products fast, I will buy you products for the research and guide you all the way.

    2. Ability to make simple HTML changes using NVU and installing autoresponder codes.

    3. Ability to add posts on blogs and upload videos.

    4. Basic simple things and a liitle SEO.

    If you can do this, I will be more than happy to get you onboard.

    PM me ASAP, I am going to structure a real-time test that will test your skills and the best one will get an opportunity to work closely with me and learn a great deal about doing 4-5 figure launches easily.


    Hey there,

    Thanks for your interest, Please PM me with answers to the following questions.

    1. Do you have more than 2 websites that you have made? Please mention URLs.

    2. Have you created any internet marketing product till date? Anything at all, please mention and include the URL.

    3. Do you have any knowledge on how to setup optin forms, if you are provided with the webform code?

    4. Can you transcript videos if needed?

    5. If I ask you to take 3 reports on a topic, summarise them and make a slideshow of the main points, how long will it take you to do it considering the report is only 30 pages each.

    6. How much pay do you expect? Please specify a dollar amount for less than 80 hours of work and a ton of learning.
    Also consider the fact that you are going to be working closely with me and I'll be promoting you in the future if
    you work well.

    7. If you are told where you need to build links and given exact urls will you be able to make backlinks?

    Please answer all the questions in-depth but to the point.


    Please PM me the above answers and I'll select the one soon. The VA will also get a FREE Copy of Scrapebox as a gift from me :)
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    I sent you a PM :)
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    I am interested in it Check your PM mate Thanks:D