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    Apr 3, 2016
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    I am looking for ssomeone who can help me make thousands of videos in a small amount of reasonable time.My computer specs is very fast with 32gb of ram so that should not be a problem but i can buy more powerful computer.
    Now lets come straight to point
    The software should make slide slow of 10 pics or 10 slideshows with 1 para text small in each slide.
    I will mention it in everytime. It should use royalty free music/songs which i have randomly.
    examples of videos in What are the best 10 places to roam in frankfut..
    What are top 10 engineering colleges in california.
    who are top 10 richest person in america.
    could be anything top 10 things etc
    I will mention all 10 names of richest person in america.
    there should be no watermark in the video created.
    will be very good if the more the slideshow effect more will look better.
    The text which i will mention in richest person can have any background colour.
    video processing should be fast ( this is main)
    Contact me on skype to have a chat
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    pm me your skype so that we can further talk about it